Join me in the first ever webinar on this astounding method based on Pythagoras’ 2,600 year old numerology, and find your sacred numbers.

Find the meaning of your name, according to Pythagoras’ Namemakers in the Higher Planes, in accordance to your Soul, find your twin flame, prosperity, divine purpose numbers.

Learn how to navigate the Divine Plan for you, and to see what is compatible to your Soul’s desires and what not.

Find what each day, each month and each year may bring to you.

Join me in the revelation of a Truth that is in the core of all Wisdom. Discover the Great Guru that Pythagoras was, and feel his connection to contemporary Spiritual Practice.

Follow me as I show you the Proof of the existence of a Higher Intelligence.

In this simple webinar that anyone can understand, learn how to calculate any name, phrase or date you want, and then see what the number means.


Arithmosophy is a Greek word that means the wisdom (sophia) of numbers (arithmos).

In the 6th c. B.C., the Great Teacher Pythagoras brought to the world, along with many mathematical, astronomical and musical theories and inventions that are still at the top of their respective sciences, a system which proves that language corresponds to numbers and that whatever has the same number has the same potencies. He maintained that all truth can be obtained through numbers.

This webinar is the first ever to reveal an esoteric method that demonstrates exactly that which Pythagoras gave us, and a universal Proof by which you may find your real, esoteric name and by this name and number calculate all that you wish to know about your life.

This webinar promises to offer amazing, eye opening facts that will inspire you and increase your spiritual awe and devotion.

The world is more magical than we can even imagine.

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