Receive a private analysis by Evita Myriam

on a single issue
  • on a relationship,
  • a business name,
  • a month’s meaning,
  • divine plan detailed analysis,
  • etc
on the esoteric meaning of YOUR NAME
  • on the meaning of your first name
  • on the meaning of your surname
  • on the meaning of your full name
  • on the meaning of your name in Greek
on the sum of your Initial data
  • On your divine plan
  • On your target attainment
  • Coincidence, karma
  • On your incarnation task and labor
  • Interpretation of all your data
on your Sacred Numerology
  • On your divine purpose
  • On your soul
  • On your personality
  • On your destiny
  • On how to attain success
  • Interpretation of your esoteric arithmosophy
  • Interpretation of your sacred numerology
  • Life path, labor, success, relationships.

Pranic Healing services

Pranic Healing services
$50 per session
  • Physical ailments
  • psychotherapy
  • removal of inner obstacles

Pranic Feng Shui services

Pranic Feng Shui
  • solve your entrance problem or one room problem
Pranic Feng Shui
  • survey and solutions for your entire home
Pranic Feng Shui
  • for the design of a new house with perfect Feng SHui
  • Design of new office, hotel, factory, large complex. Land assessment, detailed design in cooperation with your architect according to Pranci Feng SHui, Vastu and your personal Bagua.