Join me in the first ever webinar on this astounding method based on Pythagoras' 2,600 year old numerology, and find your sacred numbers.

Join me in the revelation of a Truth that is in the core of all Wisdom. Discover the Great Guru that Pythagoras was, and feel his connection to contemporary Spiritual Practice.

Follow me as I show you the Proof of the existence of a Higher Intelligence.

In this simple webinar that anyone can understand, learn how to calculate any name, phrase or date you want, and then see what the number means.

In case you cannot attend The Recording will be sent to all who register

Monday 8 April 2019   11am – 12:30 pm  ΝΥ EST

17:00 – 18:30 Netherlands CET
18:00 – 19:30 Greece EET
21:30 – 23:00 Mumbai IST


Find your Soul and Personality numbers, explore your life path according to esoteric numerology. 
Learn the countries or cities on Earth where your divine purpose may unfold and succeed according to Ancient Greek Sacred Geography and the Labors of Hercules.
Explore your Pythagorean Depth number meaning according to the analysis of your name. Find your number of incarnation task completion. 
All methods based on Ancient knowledge and uniquely developed by Evita Myriam, presented here for the first time.

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April 20, 11 am NY EST
Early bird till March 25th, from 70 USD to ONLY 50 USD.

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