Life- changing inventions of the Great Guru 
Join me in this simple explanation of each of the great inventions of the Man whom Madame Blavatsky called “a Great Guru". Know some of the hundreds of his inventions which have impacted our civilization deeply and in such an extent that it will leave you in awe.
Know our true debt to the Lord Pythagoras, and find who this Teacher truly Is, and what He means to us.
This is a “basic" seminar with the sum of His inventions.
A series of sessions of in-depth analysis of His ashram life, His Golden Verses and other spiritual aspects of His Teachings will follow this.

A recording of the session will be sent to those unable to attend, upon request. Please note that there are morning and evening sessions for your convenience.

Friday June 7
Morning session: 11 a.m. NY
Evening session:  7 p.m. NY

39 usd