Special offer for my friends in India

Numerology live sessions on zoom- 12 USD each.

esoteric numerology - part 1

9 September 11 a.m. NY EST

This is a course for those interested in knowing themselves profoundly.

Lord D.K. says that only when a person knows oneself thoroughly, he/she may be eligible for Initiation.

Knowing oneself is the fast lane to manifestation, of permanent healing of our bodies, emotions, minds and souls. It can heal our relationships and finances.

One of the three Delphic commands to man, “Know Thyself" is the first step on the path of truth. It is the only way to the success of our goals, a huge shortcut towards attainment .

Knowing that some of our errors and trials have been placed there for our benefit, provides deep understanding and relief.

Through this session you will learn the Pythagorean numerology that will show you your Life Path, Soul, Personality, Destiny and Attainment numbers.

Pythagoras was St. Francis of Assisi and Lord K.H. “Humanity has yet to know what a great Guru Pythaogoras was" Madame Blavatsky writes in “Isis Unveiled".

His system of numerology contains a series of mind blowing Proofs that shall be revealed in future sessions. These prove the existence of Name-makers in the Higher Planes. They prove the existence of angels, and the presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light. They provide conclusive proof that God indeed exists.

This is the first session that provides the basic single digit numbers and their meanings that will show you exactly what your individual destiny is and how to attain it.

It will open the door to more detailed information for future detailed sessions on karma, relationships and finances, the exact, spiritual meaning of your name, and more..

It is FREE for all who have previously purchased “Your Divine Purpose and Sacred Geography".

For this session 12 USD

esoteric numerology - part 2

17 September 11 a.m ΝΥ EST

Join this new session with information on all the numbers from which your single digit numbers derive from.

For example, if your Life Plan number is a 5, and this comes from 23 (2+3=5), then find out the meaning, trials, qualities and particular tendencies of 23.

FInd out about the Master numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, etc. And the three digit such as 111 and four digit such as 2222.

Know the particular tasks of each of the Master numbers.

You will be amazed at how much you will learn about yourself and your loved ones by this!

Once we have learned the exact meaning of all numbers, we can get new insight on the
meaning of our Life Path, Destiny, Attainment, and on the meaning of our name, for which a lovely very illuminating session will follow.

These numbers will also provide further clarity at the future psychomatrix session, that will show all of our life’s strengths, weaknesses, and the sessions where we will learn which events will take place in our life and how long they will last.

For this session 12  USD

The recording will be sent to those who cannot attend. Live attendance is greatly appreciated.