Here is a sample of part of the new self knowledge you shall have with the

I have worked a bit on DEEPTY JOSHI, the Pranic Beauty expert

Your Spiritual Life is related to the unification of the Holy Trinity in you, and your work evolves in relation to the Holy Triangles.

You will heal your ancestral  line and you will grow very fast as soon as you know exactly what you want to do.

Perfect Harmony is your motto. The eye of Horus is your symbol, accurate perception your natural inclination.

Your Soul craves to work on a subatomic level, with energy. Your life’s work involves the creation of new beautiful form. Beauty is your  Path.
Your connection to the Divine is of the highest order. Your Soul craves to
be a creator, to manifest.
You are a genius for organization and a great manager, if you develop patience with others. You have a great eye for detail, and you have all you need in order to succeed.
Your only enemy is indecisiveness. Do not be slow to act.
Using your imagination improves your life greatly. Also being less serious.

Wisdom is your field, and Prudence, Justice, and the ability to be a good friend make you a great counselor, life coach, healer.
You could be an excellent politician, a good leader of a group. You have good judgement and are truly powerful.
You have to resolve impatience towards others, and to learn not to be workaholic, you grow as you learn to do things more slowly and to give time to your own needs.

Having the same Divine Purpose and Destiny number means that you are 100% destined to succeed in your life’s mission.
Your ascendant agrees, as the labour related to it has effortless success as its end goal.
Your Path is open as soon as you mark the way.

A spiral evolution is your way. As soon as you transmute all domineering tendencies that your powerful nature has to work with into true leadership, delegating to others, showing deep inclusiveness and group consciousness, you will spiral upwards  and your rise will be one of Perfect Harmony.
You will attain your incarnation task’s success when you become then a Creator, unifying the subjective with the objective.
Your humanitarian and generous aspect will make your heart sing with joy.

Expect success in your goals in the U.S.A., Great Britain, Belgium, Poland and New Zealand.  This is where your challenges but also your victories in learning the lessons are geographically located.