The present method and application “Esoteric Arithmosophy Thoth” is  not intended to predict the future, nor to instruct the users on what to do. It shows only potencies and it can in no way be held responsible for any damage caused by the interpretation of its content. Negative and unwholesome concepts and names are not meant to be calculated through the excel contained in this product. According to a lengthy study of the author of this, the numbers ensuing from negative calculations are deceptive and WRONG. They may also promote unwanted superstitious belief.

Also, this application is the product of a lengthy research of its author, and of the combination of a number of published methods of calculating based on the Pythagorean tablet. It is not the classic widely known Pythagorean method of calculation, but a more secret branch of Pythagorean arithmosophy.

The contents of the application, the research, the Esoteric Proofs for both English and Greek languages are the Intellectual property of Evangelia Myrianthopoulou, a.k.a. Evita Myriam, and are freely shared with Marilag Mendoza.

For all other persons, institutions, groups or companies, it is illegal to share, copy, print or publish any of its content without the author’s written approval.