Esoteric Arithmosophy announces a lottery of 5 seats in live webinars on zoom of "YOUR SACRED NUMBERS".

This is a unique method of Pythagorean arithmosophy by which you will learn how to calculate and find the meaning of your name,  the numbers of your Twin Flame, Prosperity dates and projects, Divine Plan numbers and more.

An indisputable Proof of the existence of Divine Intelligence will be made public. A Proof that there is a Divine Plan for every being. 

There will be 5 lucky winners. If the time of the webinar is not convenient, you will be sent the recording after the event.

How to participate:


  Step 1. Like our page.  

 Step 2. Make a Public Share of this post. 

 Step 3. Once you have liked and shared us, please enter your name and email below to enter the lottery.


              Your privacy will be respected fully. Your personal information will not be disclosed anywhere. 

              The lottery will be done in a generator of random numbers based on the app Random Number Generator, your email will be allotted a number and five numbers    

              will thus be drawn.

              If you win and do not want your name to be announced, please notify us in the “message" below. You will be notified by email.