Everything! 99 USD

Receive a full private analysis by Evita Myriam.

Offer valid till January 5.

Receive a full analysis of your or your loved one's Life Path, Soul, Personality, Destiny and Attainment numbers that will help you see which positive qualities and which personality traits need to be cultivated in order to have success in the fulfillment of your destiny and a life of serenity. Also you will receive an account of your personal Life cycles and the positive forces and challenges these will have, and a guideline in order to succeed in balancing the challenges. This will be written by Evita Myriam and emailed to you.

This is a gift for life, that will help explain, in simple terms, life's events and tendencies, and show you why you have been on the right track all along. You will understand past errors and see how all has been part of the divine plan.

99 USD

Simple Analysis 33 USD

Offer valid till January 5.

Receive a useful map to Life Path, Soul, Personality, Destiny and Attainment that will help you or the recipient of the gift understand themselves better and see which properties to cultivate for a peaceful, successful life and fulfillment of their divine purpose.

A gift to be cherished by whoever receives it!

33 USD

Session recording 19 USD each.

Offer valid till January 5.

Give yourself or your loved ones any one of the exciting most important sessions of esoteric arithmosophy and Ancient Wisdom.

  • *Your Sacred Numbers", the supersession proving the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy and of Namemakers in the Higher Planes.
  • “Esoteric Numerology 1". The session which shows you how to find your Life Path, Destiny and other numbers, and explains all Pythagorean numbers' meanings.
  • Restore Dharma / Life Cycles". The session that contains a discourse on Dharma and Karma and has the method by which you can see what life's current and next cycles has in store for you, in terms of positive influences and challenges. It gives a true view of one's life map.
  • “Apollonian Oracle". The session that contains a discourse on Delphi and the Pythia, the Oracle of Apollo's Temple. It also shows the cycles of life from the point of the hierarchy and of the aspirant, and a card reading for the next 7 years for all light workers.
  • “Pythagoras". The session about the innumerable discoveries of Pythagoras, his life, influence on science and art, and the amazing legends that show the occult aspect of His Greatness.
  • “Tidal Life". The session about the Law of Nature that governs each year of our lives, that will enable you to see what is within the divine plan for you and what is not.

19 USD

Session recording

Private online session

Offer valid till January 5.

Receive a private online session live on zoom with Evita Myriam, discussing your arithmosophy, numerology, Life cycles, and more.
Allow her to help you discover your life's purpose.

Discuss and co create a healthy schedule that will help you rise from any rut, and heal any problem you may be facing, physical, emotional, financial.

Discuss your home or office Feng Shui and receive detailed guidance on healing your space for optimum health, love and prosperity.

Heal your relationships through guided forgiveness and blessing meditations.

100 USD