WE HAVE CREATED AN APP with a WORD CALCULATOR. Simply by entering any name, phrase or number, you get the esoteric arithmosophy number and then by moving to the search bar you may see what it means.
If you don’t have the app, and wish to purchase it, go to BUY THE APP section at the first page of this site.
The app is called “esoteric arithmosophy Thoth”. If you have the app, you receive upon entering your name all your initial data, what your name means, your destination, success number, etc., and this is automatically then included in the database of the app., along with what each month of the coming year means to you.
Then by using the word calculator you can see what each day means to you, what each person, each location, each event, etc.

If you do not wish to buy the app, go to the “The tables of Pythagoras converted into the English alphabet” and receive the method of calculation for free.