EVITA MYRIAM has developed a UNIQUE, AMAZING method that can show you all you want to KNOW ABOUT YOURSELF.

Through a simple yet SECRET ANCIENT method, you may find YOUR SACRED NUMBERS, the meaning of your NAME, the number of your DIVINE PURPOSE, the number of your TWIN FLAME, your target attainment, divine mission, SUCCESS, PROSPERITY numbers, and then, through an AMAZING APP with a WORD CALCULATOR, you can see what else has these numbers.


OR, register for one of the mind-blowing YOUR SACRED NUMBERS WEBINARS by Evita Myriam, who has brought into the light of our century an ancient Pythagorean method and has discovered the Proofs that are conclusive in demonstrating the existence of a SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY OF LIGHT in the HIGHER PLANES.

According to THE GREAT PYTHAGORAS, in the HIgher Planes, before we are born, there are NAMEMAKERS who choose our names to fit the DIVINE PLAN for each of us. They are called, in Greek, ONOMATOPOIOI.

EVITA MYRIAM has found a PROOF that shows that for every person who has been born, there is a real Spiritual name. Sometimes this is the person’s i.d. name, sometimes it can be the spouse’s surname,and very rarely, it can even be a name that was meant to be given to you but your parents changed their minds.

When you go through the PROOF, and know by which name to calculate, you may proceed to calculate all you want to know. It is simple enough for a child to learn it and it requires NO KNOWLEDGE OF MATHEMATICS.

This is a method that is UNIQUE, PRICELESS, and it is GENUINE PROOF of the Existence of Divine Purpose and Plan for each and everyone of us.