The Divine Proof –

navigating your divine plan with Evita Myriam

Arithmosophy is an ancient Greek word that means the wisdom of numbers. It has been taught in ancient Egypt and then in Greece, by Pythagoras, in the 6th century B.C.

Mathematics validates all sciences, it is the indisputable science. And yet, it now comes to verify the existence of the immeasurable, of the intangible, the subtle and the abstract, by its own evolution into a higher level, through arithmosophy.

Arithmosophy is mathematics on a higher dimension where numbers have meaning and where the meaning is given by the science itself.

This discovery that brings hope of a holy science, is now coming to the light: That for every real name of every living human being their destination number and their spiritual ambition number are the same.

Of course, this is magical because the numbers for “Destination of" and “spiritual ambition of" are different. But with a simple method that a 7 year old can understand, we get the esoteric number that is always the same!  For every human.

If a person has changed their name or added a middle name, the proof does not work. For some women, it works with their husband’s surname, showing thus the karmic relationship, the character of this union.

The Proof that there are Namemakers in the Higher Planes, that there are Higher Planes indeed, that there is a Spiritual Hierarchy and a divine plan for each and every one of us, is being taught, for the first time ever, in YOUR SACRED NUMBERS, a very special first webinar of a series that aim to reveal that all truth can be obtained through numbers.

In this webinar, an indisputable Proof is given, of the existence of a Higher Intelligence that has designed language to correspond to mathematics and through that reveal the meaning of each word and phrase, as same numbers have same potencies.

i.e. Jesus Christ    1232

World Teacher 1232

Verse arithmosophy   949

Sacred numbers        949

Of course, it is also interesting to know when you can sell a property, how to best name your business, what are the consequences of moving to a certain address, or what will be the outcome of a relationship. The coincidences become uncanny, and we find ourselves calculating each night what the next day will bring.

At first, we find our true spiritual name, and then we are able to calculate the numbers of our divine plan, our prosperity numbers, our twin flame number, and all we wish to know.

An app exists that upon entry of our name we receive all our Initial data, and a year’s calendar with calculations of each month’s meaning to us. “Esoteric Arithmosophy Thoth" is a valuable tool, a holy toy.

It has a word calculator that we can use to calculate any name, phrase, date with, and as soon as we play with it a little, entering our own data, the coincidences begin to take place.

Striking intuitively profound resonance makes the user want to know more.

Arithmosophy is only the tip of an iceberg of Spiritual Sciences that will establish themselves sooner or later, as evidence is mounting in all fields of science that there is indeed, God.

Another branch of it is numerology. It is not giving specific accurate answers as arithmosophy does, so there is not so much of the awesome coincidence that offers divine guidance, but it gives an accurate overall view of our life’s mission. our Soul’s type, our destiny’s heights and the means to attain.

In my upcoming webinar, YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE AND SACRED GEOGRAPHY, which is an online workshop in which you will find all about yourself on a level interpreted according to the Teachings of Pythagoras, A.A.Bailey. and the finest numerologists, you will also know in which countries and cities your divine mission unfolds best for you.

Through a method developed by me, using the tools of Lord D.K. and Sacred Geography of Greece, expanded on a global scale, you will have an accurate and profound description of your path, the what, the how and the where.

The webinar is live on zoom, but all who register will receive a recording, as there is interest from all continents and there is no one convenient hour for all.

With a promise to amaze I invite you to join this webinar live, on April 25th, at 11 a.m. NY EST.

With a loving wish for all,

Evita Myriam

Evita Myriam is born Evangelia Myrianthopoulou ,but arithmosophically ,"real name of evangelia myrianthopoulou" and “evita myriam, real name of evangelia myrianthopoulou" have the same esoteric number!

She was born in Athens, Greece in March 10, 1963 and has studied International and Intercultural relations in London, to later become a NY artist.

 After living in several countries in Europe and the U.S.A., she was found by her Teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui and became a Pranic Healer and Arhatic yogi.

 Research and ancient mysteries being her passion, she was blessed with the miraculous gift of this amazing method that led her to a series of discoveries that have become her life’s work and mission. She is currently living in Greece, near the beach, with her three lovely Arhatic dogs. 🙂

Photo by Paige Fulleton Mcfall